Top 10 Best Concert Ticket Sites – Know the Details Now!

Top 10 Best Concert Ticket Sites – Know the Details Now!

In this post, we are going to mention the top 10 best concert ticket sites that one must be aware of. Online ticket exchanges can be considered to be something that connects the sellers and the buyers. One has to pay a service charge for this which will be determined by the sellers, and no one else. However, using these concert ticket sites can result in heavy expenses, and therefore, it is important to choose a reliable site out there. Let us find out the best concert ticket sites in the following paragraphs.


This particular concert ticket site is considered to be the best out there since it emphasizes mainly concert tickets while providing some sorting options and genres on its official website. It will provide the users with several filtering options according to the price, the best deals, and location, and therefore, it will be able to satisfy the preferences of virtually everyone out there. In this way, it’ll be feasible for everybody to purchase and sell concert tickets in a safe and secure manner in the long run.

It might be the fact that your computer is not functioning that well or you like to use your smartphone, and in that case, the mobile app of StubHub will not disappoint you whatsoever. This is mainly because it is extremely simple to use. It will provide you with the facility of following your favorite artists and also getting instant alerts on any upcoming shows. Once you are able to get hold of the ticket, your phone will receive a barcode, and there is no need for you to enter the venue by printing the ticket.

The good thing is that you can also have the opportunity of selling tickets for any show that you cannot attend. In that case, StubHub is going to collect 10% of the sale price.

Top 10 Best Concert Ticket Sites
Top 10 Best Concert Ticket Sites

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SeatGeek can be considered to be a reliable mobile-friendly concert ticket site that can be used by both mobile app and computer users for various things such as exploring events, making purchases, and receiving tickets in digital and printed formats. SeatGeek will be ideal for individuals who like to purchase and sell tickets for various types of sporting events, theatrical performances, and concerts. It can be considered to be a secondary marketplace as well as a direct box office ticket seller for sports teams as well as direct event venues.

SeatGeek is one of those concert ticket sites which come with transparent fees that will provide you with the best possible value as well as avoidance of any undesired surprises at checkout. Apart from this, the fees are also one of the lowest which is quite beneficial in the long run. Moreover, the arena seating chart is both visually attractive and simple. SeatGeek will provide the tickets with a bar code on the smartphone identifying them with number and color on a scale of 0 to 10.


Thirdly, we will talk about Ticketmaster and this is one of the perfect places to purchase your concert tickets if you want to do it in a confident manner. Furthermore, the most notable thing is that apart from recommending concerts depending on your purchase history, Ticketmaster will also provide you with a simple-to-use web interface.

The purchasing of tickets is rather convenient because of the fantastic return policy of Ticketmaster. Moreover, it is one of the rare sites at present which will allow you to return tickets in case the event is rescheduled instead of being cancelled which will help you to save a lot of money.

The purchaser will get 3 days in hand after they have purchased the tickets to change their mind in case the tickets are purchased for events and venues that are part of the Fan Guarantee program of the website. The price here is average and one will get the advantages of purchasing tickets from a primary seller. In a nutshell, it can be rightly asserted that the price of tickets on Ticketmaster will be usually cheaper for any popular concert show compared to any other sites so long as the tickets are purchased on time.

Vivid Seats

This one happens to be another well-known concert tickets website that will allow you to purchase and also sell tickets for major events such as sporting events, concerts, theatrical performances, different types of shows, and so on. It happens to be a secure online platform where it’ll be possible for the seller to come across those purchasers who are really interested in purchasing the tickets. Vivid Seats will act as a middleman between the vendor and the purchaser of the tickets by providing a 100% buyer guarantee program.

However, it’ll be imperative for one to be aware of the rules and regulations imposed by Vivid Seats. For example, the seller is not going to bear the shipping costs by any means. In case you do not have a sufficient budget to purchase tickets for the whole year, the good thing is that your credit for the whole year will serve the purpose. You can purchase these tickets in a convenient manner either online or with the help of the mobile app, and the customer service of this particular site is also remarkable which will answer all your questions on time.


TicketNetwork can be considered to be one of the leading online marketplaces that help to connect the purchasers and sellers of tickets in the best possible way. Incidentally, this company was founded in the year 2002 by a ticket broker and a software developer. It is possible for individuals to purchase tickets for various types of events like comedy shows, sporting events, theatrical performances, concerts, music festivals, and so forth from the site.

TicketNetwork is known to operate several retail outlets at present and it also comes into collaboration with a number of travel and media companies. It is possible to search for tickets by location, events, performer, and venues, and one can also choose between email and mail deliveries.

The site also provides you with a 100% money-back guarantee for the convenience of the customers. You will come across lots of reviews online regarding TicketNetwork, and the good thing is that the majority of these reviews will talk highly of the site. You can come in touch with this concert ticket site by means of phone, mail, or email according to your convenience in case you have any queries.

See Tickets

Next, we will talk about another authentic concert ticket site known as See Tickets that started its journey in the form of a record shop in the UK. However, in spite of its rather simple origin, it turned out to be a well-known ticket-selling website over time. Right now, it is possible to search for tickets with the help of certain filtering options such as by location, event, artist, and also music genre. The site is quite simple to operate and even a newbie can do so without any problem at all.

See Tickets features a navigation ribbon at the top which allows individuals to purchase tickets for any event easily irrespective of whether it is a festival, sporting event, dance performance, cultural program, comedy show, and so on. The category system of the site will also allow you to come across several gigs where it is possible to find gifts that you can give to other individuals.

Top 10 Best Concert Ticket Sites

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In case you happen to be a performer, then you can also make use of See Tickets to sell the tickets for your own event. The site will also provide you with a refund policy although it is somewhat stringent as compared to the majority of the similar sites out there. One drawback of this site is that it will not be possible for any person to resell his tickets once he has purchased them here.



Razorgator is one of those genuine concert ticket sites that can be considered one of the best out there at present. This site is well-known among users because of its reasonable rates and moderate fees and because it’ll be possible for you to find the best seats without spending much money at all. Moreover, the customer support is awesome and it will provide you with lots of options so that you can get an answer to your question within a short span of time.

Although this site will charge a commission of 10%, it’ll be possible for you to set the price of your tickets accordingly. The rating system of the site is also fantastic and beneficial so that you can get hold of even an inferior quality estate by spending less money which will allow you to save cash significantly in the long run. In case you want to generate some revenues from Razorgator you can do so easily by either selling your tickets outright or even by exposing them to bidding.


ViaGoGo is one more ticket-selling site that is actually based in London although it has become popular in other countries too. The good thing about this site is that it will provide you with a wide selection of music types which will help you to come across certain types that you were not aware of. However, one drawback of ViaGoGo is that the interface is somewhat messy and it is not simple to use. It will provide clear signposts for various events such as sporting events, dance events, music events, comedy events, and so forth.

One can consider this site to be a secondary site for selling tickets since it will only sell re-sale tickets while coming into direct contact with the artists and the event venues. Moreover, the price of tickets here can be somewhat expensive since it is possible for the seller to set his own price. It can be somewhat problematic for purchasers of tickets in case the event happens to be a demanding one, but it is the standard thing when it comes to the majority of the secondary ticket-selling sites.

It’ll be feasible for you to sell your own tickets and you can do this by setting up an account and placing your own price on these tickets. Furthermore, you can do this from your computer or even smartphone which will be convenient in case you are traveling where there is no access to any personal computer at all.


TicketCity happens to be another well-known concert ticket-selling site that will provide you with tickets for virtually every kind of event out there. It happens to be a secondary ticket-selling site which implies that the price of tickets will vary according to the price set by the original ticketholder. It will provide you with tickets to various types of events such as theaters, concerts, comedy shows, sporting events, and so forth.

The refund policy for this site is also quite lenient although you need to verify the terms and conditions before anything else. For example, TicketCity is known to provide full refunds in case the event has been affected by issues such as the pandemic. You will not find it difficult to come across your desired seats while purchasing tickets through this site and there are lots of payment options as well.

In case you have any extra tickets, you can easily sell them to any other fan who likes to attend the event. Moreover, TicketCity will always guarantee you that you will receive the tickets for which you have paid the money and there is no need for you to be concerned at all.

Event Tickets Center

Lastly, in this comprehensive list, we will talk about Event Tickets Center which acts as a middleman between the purchasers and the dealers. It will provide you with tickets to different types of sporting events, motivational programs, popular talks, as well as concerts. However, here we like to mention that the site is not responsible for owning or setting the price of tickets. It is the responsibility of the individual sellers to figure out the price of the tickets.

Top 10 Best Concert Ticket Sites
Top 10 Best Concert Ticket Sites

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However, the site will provide you with a refund policy in case the tickets are not capable of showing up on time or you have been denied entrance to the event. The price of the tickets could be different from the face value as well. However, Event Tickets Center can boast of having positive user reviews where the users have praised the site for the reasonable ticket prices as well as an awesome overall experience.


In conclusion, we like to assert that all these concert ticket sites that we mentioned in this article are quite popular amongst users at present. However, if you like to get some more information on this particular topic it’ll be sensible for you to go online.

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