How to Choose Coffee Suppliers for Hotel Businesses?

How to Choose Coffee Suppliers for Hotel Businesses?

As UK out-of-home coffee is booming, with consumers spending their time in cafes, your hotel also needs something special to amaze your guests. You do everything possible to make your guests’ time at your hotel as pleasant and memorable as possible. Is there anything better than a cup of wonderful coffee in the morning? Your hotel needs reliable coffee suppliers. How do you choose coffee suppliers for hotel businesses to feel satisfied?

1. Find a Coffee Expert with Passion 

Running a business in the coffee industry cannot mean the company focuses merely on profits without the passion shared with its customers. It’s advisable to find a supplier offering coffee for hotel industry who is passionate about the production process, from the moment coffee beans start growing to the time when they become aromatic liquid in hotel guests’ cups.

When considering a potential coffee supplier, reliability and trustworthiness are two pivotal qualities to prioritize. The most crucial is opting for a supplier with a proven track record of expertise and experience, such as Finlays, boasting an impressive 111-year tenure in the coffee industry.

2. Certainty of Top-Quality Products 

You strive to amaze your guests every minute of their stay in your hotel; why not pamper their tastes? Then, choosing a supplier capable of ensuring consistency of taste and quality with every order is essential.

Only distributors employing genuine experts in the cultivation, brewing, and testing processes can provide reliable quality assurance. That’s Finlays, with their focus on coffee beans at a molecular level and the traceable production processes being in their hands throughout the steps.

3. Get Peace of Mind and the Best Coffee Products 

Most modern companies care about the environment and want to do everything possible to improve the state of our planet. The hotel industry is under strict supervision, with travel portals ranking them according to their sustainability level. So, let’s be honest: even your coffee should come from trustworthy sources, with the top priority being to protect the environment where it is grown. Not only nature but also the community has a great influence on the quality of the whole process.

Finalys should be appreciated for their outstanding efforts to benefit the community around their coffee farms as much as possible. Their contribution to the development of the infrastructure is great, and together with their extraordinary efforts to produce the best quality coffee products, it should become number one on the list of coffee suppliers with a true heart for the business.

4. Give Your Guests a Good Range of Choice 

If you want to amaze your guests with rich taste options, don’t limit yourself to the coffee menu. Once you have found a trustworthy supplier, take full advantage of their offerings.

The offer of Finlays is so broad that it can help you create a whole page of beverages menu – coffee, cold-brew coffee, tea, tea and coffee solutions, botanicals. This is the real magic of a company that cares about nature, its customers, their health, and good mood.

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