Why Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturers Should Choose Powder Coating?

Aluminum extrusion is the heart of almost every industrial development. We see them take over the transport sectors, aerospace railings, food industry, medicine, electronics, and military. Normally, aluminum extrusions are durable, versatile, and strong, but some operations could compromise their integrity.

What can we do to brace aluminum extrusion for the worst? In light of these, the only answer is powder coating.  But what does it offer, and why should manufacturers use it?

Better Durability and Protection

Manufacturers can rely on powder coating, which provides better durability and protection than aluminum extrusions. Before high-temperature curing, surface dry powder is applied to the metal. This forms a tough protective layer that is impact-resistant, scratch-resistant, chip-resistant, and fade-resistant.

The coating is tough in challenging environmental conditions such as wetness, ultraviolet light, chemicals, and corrosion. Thus, powder coating is a clear path to achieving aluminum extrusion products that retain their sheen and function over time.

Wide Range of Colors and Finishes

One major advantage of powder coating is the wide range of colors and finishes. Manufacturers can make formulations that match specific color requirements, allowing them to achieve the desired aesthetics. For instance, powder coating can apply a solid color, a metallic finish, or a texture.

This allows aluminum extrusion manufacturers to produce products consistent with the brand image or designed for individual consumers, thus giving them an advantage over competitors.

Environmentally Friendly Solution

Compared to other coating options, powder coating is an environmentally friendly solution. While harmful vapors may be emitted during curing or application processes for other coatings, powder coatings are safe and eco-friendly for manufacturers.

Additionally, sustainability correlates with minimal waste generated due to overspray collection and reuse activities and other strict environmental regulations.

Efficiency and Cost-Effective

Powder coating is a better solution for manufacturers of aluminum extrusion because it is efficient and cost-effective. The process implies uniformity in coverage and thickness for the finish.

Its curing time is shorter, which makes it more economical for manufacturers. It also allows them to produce the materials efficiently and meet tight project schedules.

Considering the cost, the benefits derive from less material use, fewer labor costs, and far fewer reworks compared to traditional liquid coatings. All of these contribute to savings in overall costs without compromising product quality.


The extrusion manufacturer stands to gain much by ensuring that powder coats are used as the first coat for aluminum extrusions. With its various color options, green features, durability, long usage, and cost-effective character, powder coating is an appealing choice to groom aluminum extrusions’ look and protective qualities.

As an aluminum extrusion manufacturer, given the rapid shifts of powder coating technologies, you may need help to keep up with the trend or even get a hold of the coating equipment. And what better way is there than to have a reliable manufacturer who is one step ahead?

That is where Ramseier Koatings comes in with better ideas about the powder coating options and powder coating tools that match your technological needs.

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