Crafting the Perfect Coffee Menu for Your Cafe: Tips and Ideas from Finlays

Crafting the Perfect Coffee Menu for Your Cafe: Tips and Ideas from Finlays

A cup of delicious coffee at your favorite coffee shop is essential to all caffeine lovers. That is why they carefully choose where to drink coffee while taking a break. But what things do you watch out for the most when choosing?

A coffee drinker chooses his favorite cafe based on the appearance of the cafe, the type of coffee served there, and also according to the menu and what is on offer. How to create a great menu with a diverse offer? Stay tuned for more Finlays tips we’re sharing with you today.

Create a menu with an offer for everyone’s taste!

It is essential to assemble a team of experts to work on the new menu. An offer in cafes should have something for every visitor, so it is crucial to have:

  1. Pure coffees– In this offer, you can offer espresso, filtered coffee, cold brew, instant coffee, or coffee from capsules, i.e., coffee pods.
  2. Flavored coffee– many caffeine lovers like to start the morning with one of the flavored versions, so try to offer coffees with coffee syrup, added juice, or some other option.
  3. Special varieties– the world offers many different varieties of coffee, spread worldwide. Prepare a part of the offer in which you will offer a diversity of high-quality caffeine from coffee beans worldwide.

Bring the Quality up Close with Every Sip

Make visits to your cafe a holiday for every visitor. And how to achieve that? Of course, by bringing the quality up close with every sip. Bring quality and unique flavors, carefully grown coffee beans, and authentic flavors worldwide through partners who offer them. Finlay’s out of home coffee supplier, can help you select the best coffee beans grown on small family coffee plantations in Brazil or Africa. Be different. Quality attracts. Bring it and enjoy the smiles of the visitors.

Offer exciting offers that will have visitors talking about your cafe!

Don’t be just an ordinary coffee shop! Create a story that will be a symbol in your city, be a legend that will be retold around. What to do? Here are some suggestions for exciting offers:

  1. Happy hour every day on the entire offer from the menu;
  2. Offer to sell coffee in your packaging at a discount;
  3. Eco-offer for anyone who uses eco-transport or public transport and cares for nature;
  4. Create flavors of the month, seasonal flavors, and holiday flavors for all coffee lovers;
  5. Combo offers that will stir up your cafe even more.

These are some of the ideas that could help you take a step forward and be different from everyone else.

Create a Unique Menu That Will Delight Coffeeholic

Avoid joining the usual coffee shops with monotonous menus. Offer something else, such as:

  1. Menu with the offer, and on the other side, a coloring book to relax the visitors;
  2. Create different coffee messages on each menu for those who order to feel better;
  3. Create a QR code that would lead to a personalized suggestion for specialty coffee from a specific part of the world or a combo offer, along with a message to have a nice day.

These are just some of the menus that can be your choice, but also a new surprise and delight for visitors.

Offer diversity, uniqueness, and something never seen before. Only in this way will you stand out and create a coffee shop or chain of cafeterias that will be the most popular and correct choice for every coffee drinker.


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