Terp Slurpers

Terp Slurpers are a type of banger designed to deliver larger doses at lower temperatures, without burning and waste, and optimize the vaporization of concentrates. Discover the best info about Terp Slurpers.

To use a terp slurper, heat the dish and bottom walls of the banger with a torch until they reach an ideal temperature before applying the dab and inhaling.

Product Description

The Terp Slurper dab nail has been created to deliver superior flavor and aroma when dabbing with concentrates. It features ideal vaporization and efficiency for improved vaping sessions. Plus, its innovative, one-of-a-kind design will surely delight all types of dabbing enthusiasts!

Dabbers have increasingly turned towards the slurper nail as it offers them a way to enhance the flavor of their extracts by minimizing terpene loss during vaporization and keeping their dab as potent as possible.

Air is routed through precision slits at the base of the dish, swirling and heating your dab to ensure maximum vaporization with minimum wastage. The bottom dish has small but widening circles to maximize the surface area of the dab surface area while maintaining heat retention for better heat retention.

Once your nail has cooled down, cap it off with a dab of marble or a similar design to prevent any excess dripping or waste of product. Add your dab and watch it rise into the tube – then inhale and enjoy! Cleaning can be quickly completed using alcohol-soaked Q-tips to wipe away any residual oil left behind from each use – keeping your slurper cool after every use helps avoid burning it and potentially causing irreparable damage.

Product Features

Terp Slurpers are the latest advancement in quartz banger technology, designed to reduce waste while improving flavor in every hit. Their revolutionary design enables vaporization without compromising the integrity of shatter, wax, or resin; air enters through slits in the bottom dish and pushes your dab back toward the central area of the nail where they can be vaporized, eliminating the need for carb caps while guaranteeing that all product vaporizes completely.

Slits in the bottom dish provide airflow that percolates your dabbed concentrates more smoothly, leading to more giant bubbles and smoother dabbing experiences. They’re an ideal choice for low-temperature dabbing as they allow you to maximize concentrate use without burning it off prematurely.

These nails are also easier to keep clean than other quartz bangers, requiring only Q-tips or brushes for regular upkeep. For deeper cleans, soak it overnight in isopropyl alcohol to loosen any residue and make wiping off simpler with cotton rags or cotton swabs.

Terp Slurpers are made of solid medical-grade quartz and come in either 45deg or 90deg joint angles to accommodate various rig designs. Furthermore, they feature beveled edges to reduce waste and are available in multiple colors for your convenience—perfect for any style rig!

Product Reviews

A terp slurper is a special kind of bucket designed to reduce waste by optimizing airflow and surface area and enable users to vape their concentrates without burning them, improving flavor while decreasing risks such as inhaling carcinogenic chemicals such as benzenes. Furthermore, its design maximizes efficiency so users can take more hits with less material.

Select a terp slurper made from high-grade materials such as quartz. Quartz models tend to be more durable than glass or ceramic options and more accessible to clean, so after each use, wipe down with isopropyl alcohol to prevent residue buildup. Also, to preserve its quality and performance, mineral oil should be added as a protective seal after cleaning it thoroughly.

The Pulsar Quartz Terp Slurper Marble Set is an ideal option for dabbing enthusiasts looking to maximize terpene flavor and vapor production. Its lower stem and tray combine with vortex technology to produce an air current, and the lower chamber features a ball shape to speed up swirling action and enhance vaporization. Compatible with standard 14mm male rigs and featuring various accessories, this banger offers maximum dabbing potential!

Product Price

The Terp Slurper is one of the most sought-after banger designs for dabbing today. Known for its nontraditional yet clever design that helps reduce waste while providing significant hits. Comprised of three sections (lower dish section, middle tube section, and top section), each inhale allows your concentrates to slurp up through to its dish section without wastage – guaranteeing that every drop of concentrate vaporization occurs without waste!

When loaded into the lower dish of a slurper, air passes through precision slits in the nail to create a vacuum effect and help continuously percolate shatter, wax, or resin as you inhale. This helps prevent overheating, which would destroy terpenes and leave an unpleasant taste in its wake.

The design of the slurper helps prevent thermal shock that could otherwise crack your quartz. Heating only the sides should help avoid this. Utilizing a slurper requires some practice, but once you master its use, it becomes an efficient way to enjoy dabbing sessions. This set contains a 14mm male slurper banger with a curved quartz carb cap as well as three different-sized terp marbles or pearls—perfect for enjoying dabbing sessions!

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